ASHA is continuously working since 16 years in the inner core of the state focusing some of the major aspects of development like Women Empowerment, Education, Health and livelihood through skill up-gradation and support.

Mission & Vision


To create a just society where unprivileged and marginalized, tribals, Dalits, women, children, youths experience equal opportunities, equality, justice, peace and harmony in the society.


  • Empowering marginalized and unprivileged communities through ensuring quality education, economic development, promoting cultural values and dignity of life at each level.
  • Economic empowerment of women through women’s organizations for social justice, ascertain dignity of life and securities of livelihood.
  • To organize, educate, and empower rural youths to attain self confidence, promote leadership, affirms self respect & human dignity, obtain equal opportunities and technically equipped to fulfill their 
  • All children enjoy their childhood, ensured securities, enjoy opportunities of love, learning, shelter, health and gets environment of  physical, mental, social and spiritual development.
  • Formation of a new healthy society where people live and respect  in love and brotherhood irrespective of caste, color, creed, gender, culture and stature.
  • Capacity Building ( Training) of all stakeholders irrespective of caste, color, creed, gender, culture and stature for social upliftment , self dignity & respect, social  and economic development.
  • Formation and Development of institutions according to the needs of the time in the sphere of agriculture, education, culture, technology, health, environment and social Development.