ASHA is continuously working since 16 years in the inner core of the state focusing some of the major aspects of development like Women Empowerment, Education, Health and livelihood through skill up-gradation and support.

Against Seasonal Migration

About Jyotishka Seasonal Hostel

ASHA started the intervention in 4 brick kilns of the receiving areas of West Bengal. The children were provided bridge course education so as to make them ready for mainstreaming in government schools in their own villages. The children in these 4 brick kilns were from Jharkhand. So, teachers from Jharkhand were brought in who followed the children to their respective villages and enrolled them in local schools when they went back after the brick kiln season.

Few years back, with support from Tomorrows Foundation, Air Liquide Foundation and Aid Foundation BHARATI, we established 3 seasonal hostels in three panchayats in which approx. 200 children stayed and continued to go to school. Presently we have two fully operating Jyotishka Seasonal Hostels at Naya Bhusur, Namkum and Dumra, Seraikela.

Objective of Jyotishka Programme:

  • Educational facilities for all children through local govt. school and remedial education and tuition at the Hostel.
  • Providing healthcare facilities to children like Health check-up camps, free medicine etc.
  • Establishing strong network with the local government and local administration.
  • Ensuring better quality and nutritious food for children and following a proper balanced diet.
  • Ensuring, good quality Mid-day meal is provided to the children in the govt. schools.
  • Taking required measures to ensure reduction in migration of children in the coming years.

Outcome and Impact

The children are of brick kilns laborers who migrate to work in different states, depriving them of their fundamental Right to Education. They live only for 4 months in their villages.

Besides, providing basic stay facilities and remedial education, creative, cultural and sports activities, health checkup camps is regularly organized for overall development of the children.

It is Asha’s sincere effort to help these children to enhance self-confidence and allow them to establish themselves as dignified citizens of this world.

With our effort and support we expect following significant outcomes:

  • Continuation of education up to higher secondary level is ensured for 50% children affected by seasonal migration.
  • Creating models which could be replicated across the state so the children at large could addressed and supported.