ASHA is continuously working since 16 years in the inner core of the state focusing some of the major aspects of development like Women Empowerment, Education, Health and livelihood through skill up-gradation and support.

Against Trafficking

ASHA against Trafficking

ASHA is working in the state of Jharkhand to promote Safe Mobility and Counter Trafficking for the last 10 year. In due course of working, this was strongly felt that gradually the magnitude of the issue of trafficking is not only increasing but it is getting more complex in nature with the willingness of the family and the individuals to migrate for better livelihood and with choice.


  • Build awareness on trafficking as a human right’s concern, especially on issues related to women’s decision making, right to autonomy and physical integrity
  • Deepen understanding on normative standards and the human rights discourse, from a feminists perspectives
  • Build understanding on obstacles to women and adolescent girl’s movement and support rights based interventions to overcome the same, enabling safe and secure movement
  • Build skills in designing and implementing rights based intervention to support movement and counter trafficking

Problem Statement

Status of tribal women and adolescent girls in Jharkhand is head hitting. Some of the major issues concerned with the same have been mentioned below:

  • Illiteracy
  • Lack of livelihood opportunity
  • Lack of proper Health services
  • No concrete mechanism for supporting
  • Unaware about Legal rights
  • Trafficking
  • Unsafe migration
  • Sexual, physical and mental exploitation

Sakhi Saheli Club

In order to betray these problems our NGO ASHA has found Sakhi Saheli Club for the adolescent girls in villages under Namkum Block and Khunti. We had conducted a survey for analyzing the situation and as an outcome we got to know that 42 girls were missing from the 4 Panchayats of Namkum Block. The girls themselves suggested the name of the group as “Sakhi Saheli Club”.

ASHA have set up 20 Sakhi Saheli Clubs. Under the Sakhi Saheli Club the tribal village girls of come together and discuss their problems and burning issues in the locality. The Sakhi Saheli Club provides the advantage to the local tribal adolescent girls to discuss their queries and make themselves much more aware in the fields like trafficking, women exploitation, their basic/legal rights, livelihood opportunities, importance of education in their lives etc.

Football as a tool

  • Football is the world’s most popular sport with an enormous potential for social and economic development
  • Football engages and excites people across the vast divides of national, regional, racial, religious, ethnic, gender, age, ability, social and economic differences.
  • Football is a game in which the adolescents could be engaged in physical activities in safe and protected environment.
  • The investment on the same is minimal as in Football a large group could be engaged with minimum equipment.
  • Local facilities such as school grounds or other play grounds could be used without creating separate facilities exclusive for the intervention.