ASHA is continuously working since 16 years in the inner core of the state focusing some of the major aspects of development like Women Empowerment, Education, Health and livelihood through skill up-gradation and support.

Thematic Area of Intervention

  • Formal quality education to the children
  • Reproductive & Child Health
  • Skill enhancement of youths, women & other section of society
  • Gender sensitization through promoting gender equality
  • Sustainable & Eco friendly agriculture development through infusing skills and technical   know-how
  • Enhancing sustainable livelihood through proper and sustainable of utilization of natural resource management
  • Strengthening self Governance for better development of needy community
  • Awareness and sensitization for the community to end up violence against women
  • Lobbying, Advocacy & Networking with government / other institutions for support, cooperation and for making the programme more effective
  • Awareness and campaigning to protect women and girls from trafficking