ASHA is continuously working since 16 years in the inner core of the state focusing some of the major aspects of development like Women Empowerment, Education, Health and livelihood through skill up-gradation and support.


Back Ground of the Network

Jharkhand Women’s Network & JATN (Jharkhand Anti- trafficking Network) is a state level joint network for women. Its sturdy foundation was laid by Gender Desk, Centre for World Solidarity with the support from CWS, Secunderabad in the year 2000, after coming Jharkhand into existence in 2000. Earlier, there were 15 organizations and 3 individuals in the network working across 9 districts of Jharkhand encompassing 220 villages. The design of setting up the network is to bring different women networks / groups working in Jharkhand to one Platform and to raise the issue related to Women. The main function of the network is to solve problems related to its allied women by making them aware of their due rights, skill development at grass root level and also to raise the issue at state Level for effective Policy implementation and also to advocate to activate the different Govt.dormant machineries for its smooth functioning.

Both the network is working on the issue since last  eight years, initially the Network spend few years on strengthening and capacitating its network members in understanding the issues, Creating awareness among the community in block and panchayat level.

Members of the Network

District covered by the Network members: 9 districts

  • Ranchi
  • Hazaribag
  • Chatra
  • Bokaro
  • Deoghar
  • Sahibganj
  • Pakur
  • Latehar
  • E.Singhbhum

Blocks covered by the Network members: 18 blocks

  • Peterwar
  • Gomia
  • Angara
  • Namkum
  • Semeria
  • Chatra
  • Madhupur
  • Kawron
  • Mauhadar
  • Garu
  • Pakur
  • Hiranpur
  • Chakuliya
  • Dalbhumgargh
  • Churchu
  • Mandu
  • Borio
  • Mandav

Villages covered by the Network members: 180 villages

9 Network Members:

  • Asha
  • Rupayani
  • Darpan
  • Lok Prerna Kendra
  • Prerna Bharati
  • Shaheli Adyayan Kendra
  • Srijan Foundation
  • Yugsutra

Objective of the Network

The main Objective of the network is to solve problems related to its allied women by making them aware of their due rights, skill development at grass root level and also to raise the issue at state Level for  effective Policy  implementation and also to advocate to activate the different Govt.dormant machinery for its smooth functioning.

Major Achievement of the Network

  • 12300 women Participated in the Post Card Campaign (demanding Implementation of women Policy ASAP) from 9 districts of Jharkhand.
  • 102 members of newly elected Panchayat Samiti are sensitized on the issue of Trafficking from 30 villages.
  • Member of JATN & CWS initiated for Final drafting of State women Policy & placing it to the concern Ministry.
  • ATWGS are formed in 50 villages of 4 districts of Jharkhand.
  • ATWGS started documenting the cases of migration & marriages from the concern villages.
  • ATWGS are creating awareness at community level related to the issues.
  • ATWGS’s are working closely with the newly elected PRI members at panchayat level to sensitize the lower strata in the governance of three tier system.
  • 10 survivors (rescued girls) from 7 districts were identified.
  • Provided with 1 year residential vocational training at Ranchi on tailoring trade in collaboration with govt. recognized institution Jan shikshan sansthan.
  • The group also capacitate with personality development course.
  • Basic literacy also Imparted to them.
  • In completion of the training all the survivors were awarded with certificates & tailoring machines.
  • 1 year follow up is done to support them morally in mainstreaming in the society.
  • To sensitize different stake holder(Judiciary, law & enforcement dept,corporates,acadmecians, CSO etc) are brought in to one platform to strategies on how to  combat the issue jointly.
  • In regular interval a state level campaign is also organized to sens itise to govt. to implement state women policy in Jharkhand.

Present status of the Network

At present both the network I.e. JATN & JWN is working jointly under one Banner (JATN). Because of fund constraint, the network is concentrating field demonstration in three districts-Hazaribagh, Ranchi & E. Singhbhum district of Jharkhand. The Network also makes its presence in state level to raise the issues at present it focuses to create pressure on govt. for Implementation of state women Policy and sensitize the Govt. to recognize the issue of trafficking of women & girl child from the state which is rampant. The network also file PIL for the missing girls from 3 districts last year, which is in process in the Ranchi high Court.